Health Care Law

Legal Counsel to Medical Providers in Health Care Contracts and Disputes

The attorneys at Rosenblum Newfield provide legal representation to medical providers in health care contracts and disputes across New York and Connecticut. They have knowledge and experience in contract interpretation and dispute resolution alternatives, including mediation and arbitration. In addition they are in the vanguard of emerging health care contract law, including pay for performance and incentive compensation for health care providers, an area where the fine line between existing rigid standards and the need for individualization to promote positive outcomes comes into play.


Certainly, the number of contractual issues and disputes facing medical providers and insurance companies has been rising – along with health care costs. Physicians, hospitals and insurers more frequently find themselves involved in disagreements over complex contractual issues. If not resolved quickly, they can escalate from, perhaps, a simple administrative question to an employee lawsuit or a more serious claim of a regulatory violation.
Rosenblum Newfield handles issues including:

  • Employment contract disputes.
  • HMO contract disputes.
  • Disaffiliation
  • Contract and reimbursement issues between health care providers and insurers.

Common problems that health care professionals encounter that can lead to contractual disputes:

  • Lack of written confirmation of employment conditions such as compensation, and hiring or firing practices.
  • Failure to file complete paperwork related to credentialing or licensure.
  • Removal from the provider list of a particular insurance carrier or HMO.
  • Lack of appropriate Certificate of Need where relevant for hospitals in certain geographic areas.
  • Lack of informed patient consent. Allegations of discrimination by hospital or practice staff.