Defense Verdicts – 2008


Defense verdict – Jim Newfield obtained a defense verdict – following 2 days of deliberations – in a wrongful death in Hartford, Ct. Plaintiff’s atty from Riscassi, Davis. Claim involved failure to diagnose perforation of cardiac arteries on angiogram, causing death of 45-year-old married woman. Czajka v. interventional cardiologist.

Defense verdict – Jim Biondo obtained a defense verdict in a wrongful death action in Waterbury, Ct, brought by the Estate of a 44 year old woman. During the performance of an operative hysteroscopy, the surgeon perforated the uterine wall, injuring the iliac vein. Plaintiff also alleged failure to timely administer blood products, and lack of informed consent. Andre v. Danbury Hosp., et al.


Plaintiffs’ verdict in obstetrical case. Plaintiffs alleged cerebral palsy resulted from a delayed Cesarean Section. Plaintiffs recovered a verdict for over $35 million. An appeal is planned. The case involved “novel” instructions regarding causation. The case, Oram v. Stamford Hospital, was tried before Judge Adams in Stamford, Ct.