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Verdicts 2006


Six defense verdicts, 1 plaintiff’s verdict set aside and judgment entered for defendant, and 1 plaintiff’s verdict with post-verdict motions pending. Dec 1: Defense Verdict – Gynecological Cancer Surgery: Jim Newfield won his 3rd case in a row in the Morris case, a death action. Plaintiff’s atty Stratton, Faxon. The case was tried in the US District Court, New Haven.

Plaintiff’s Verdict: James Rosenblum defended the Earlington case, an Erb’s Palsy case which resulted in plaintiff’s verdict, against Koskoff, Koskoff. Judge Tanzer, Hartford, Ct., October, 2006. Appeal pending.

Defense Win on post-verdict motion: James Rosenblum defended supplier of oxygen equipment in wrongful death action of infant. Plaintiff “won,” though verdict under $35,000. Post-verdict motion successful, and Court granted defendant’s motion for directed verdict, and ordered judgment for defendant. Plaintiff’s attorney: Dweck & Dweck, NY. Judge Scholl. Perry v. A, Hartford, Ct., Aug., 2006. Post-verdict motion granted February, 2007.

Defense Verdict – Jim Newfield obtained a defense verdict in the Brissette case. Plaintiff’s attorney Terry Hawkins. Case involved alleged injured bladder in connection with a C-Section, followed by incontinence and surgical repair. Judge Stodolnick, Derby, Ct., July, 2006.

Defense Verdict – James Rosenblum obtained a defense verdict against Koskoff, Koskoff. The case involved the death of a 3-year old child following an adenoidectomy. Plaintiff has two ENT experts testifying against defendant surgeon. Meder v. ENT, July, 2006, Judge Alander, Waterbury, Ct.

Defense Verdict – Jim Biondo obtained a defense verdict in the Boehme case, in May, in Bridgeport, Ct., in a case involving complications for a blepharoplasty.

Plaintiff’s Verdict, James Rosenblum, complication after elbow surgery, Bronx, NY, Judge Ramon, June, 2006.

Defense Verdict – James Rosenblum obtained a defense verdict in the Novak case, in May, in Stamford, CT., (Judge Shay) in a case involving eye complications after sinus surgery.

Defense Verdict – Jim Newfield obtained a defense verdict in the Russo case, in April, in Litchfield, CT., against Koskoff, Koskoff. Plaintiff alleged failure to diagnose pulmonary emboli resulting in death of young woman, with three children.

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