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Verdicts 2007



Defense verdict – Physiatry/Naturopathic Medicine: Jim Rosenblum won his third trial this year, in Pils v. Advanced Pain Care. Plaintiff claimed that holistic/naturopathic treatment – intravenous micronutrient therapy, also known as a Myer’s Cocktail – for chronic pain and fatigue, was contraindicated and unproven, and resulted in complex regional pain syndrome, in a 45 year-old woman. Judge Stodolink. Bridgeport, Ct.

September 28

Defense verdict – Dermatology: Jim Biondo won his 3rd case in a row, in Mettlen. Plaintiffs alleged extensive scarring following procedure to remove tattoo. Plaintiff’s expert was defendant’s colleague from the defendant’s same hospital! Judge D’Andrea. Stamford, Ct.

September 27

Defense verdict – General Surgery: Jim Newfield won his 4th case in a row, in Bonomo. Plaintiff’s expert was Dr. Milsom, a leading colorectal surgeon at New York Hospital. Plaintiffs alleged failure to properly treat pelvic abscess, resulting in colostomy and need for other surgery. Plaintiff’s attorney was Steve Jacques (Moore, O’Brien). Judge Adams, Stamford, Ct.


Defense Verdict – Obstetrics: Jim Rosenblum won the McKiernan case, a shoulder dystocia / Erb’s palsy case, after 2-week trial. Plaintiff’s experts were Dr. Rice (Ob/GYN), and Dr. Taff (pediatric neurology). Plaintiff’s atty Kathleen Nastri (Koskoff, Koskoff). Judge David Tobin, Stamford.


Defense Verdict – Gynecology: Jim Rosenblum won the Brazier case after a 3-week trial. Plaintiff – a physician – alleged improper performance of a perforated intestine during a D&C, causing peritonitis and surgery, and a prolonged hospitalization. Plaintiff’s atty: V Amendola, West Haven. Judge Stevens, Waterbury.

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